Our First Event is Today!

Join us today at 1pm outside the Bank of England!

Dance Against The Deficit Lies

14th January 2011

1pm – 2pm

Outside the Bank of England

The cuts which are being made across the UK to arts, public services, health and education are scandalous.

The arts are one of the few things for which Britain is still revered around the world. We are good at it. It brings money in. Cuts to the arts are idiotic and short sighted – this is a genuine example of a false economy.

There is some great information out there for people to educate themselves about the neccesity of cuts and the nature of deficits, as well as an abundance of information about how to get involved in direct actions across the country.


Why the cuts won’t work


Some suggested solutions


And UKUcut are the chaps and chapesses inspiring us all. A grass roots movement to prevent to the big boys tax evasion. Get a read on



See you all at 1PM!


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