Our First Event is Today!

Join us today at 1pm outside the Bank of England!

Dance Against The Deficit Lies

14th January 2011

1pm – 2pm

Outside the Bank of England

The cuts which are being made across the UK to arts, public services, health and education are scandalous.

The arts are one of the few things for which Britain is still revered around the world. We are good at it. It brings money in. Cuts to the arts are idiotic and short sighted – this is a genuine example of a false economy.

There is some great information out there for people to educate themselves about the neccesity of cuts and the nature of deficits, as well as an abundance of information about how to get involved in direct actions across the country.


Why the cuts won’t work


Some suggested solutions


And UKUcut are the chaps and chapesses inspiring us all. A grass roots movement to prevent to the big boys tax evasion. Get a read on



See you all at 1PM!


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Dance Against Deficit Lies – First Event Press Release

Dance Against The Deficit Lies – Having it Peaceful
Outside the Bank of England, London
14th January 2010 · 13:00 – 14:00


We are staging a one hour showcase celebration of the arts to draw attention to the deceptive manner in which the government is using the deficit and the national debt as a false licence to withdraw funding from some of the things that as a nation we collectively hold most dear.


Government cuts are at risk of making The Arts something which only the wealthy can participate in, study, watch and love.  By peaceful demonstration we wish to highlight what a valuable asset The Arts are to our culture – and how much richer we are as individuals and as a people because of them.


The demonstration will be a display of dancers, stilt walkers, acrobats, drag artistes, painters and singers.  Those not artistic in nature but with an appreciation of The Arts will bring headphones and have their own silent disco.  London’s most vibrant free show this January will last for one hour, at which point the demonstration will disperse peacefully – highlighting the lack of need for police containment tactics used at recent protests.


We look forward to dancing with you.



Event info:
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141326309256660
UKUnCut – http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/actions/189
False Economy –

Twitter @DeficitLies
WordPress – https://danceagainstdeficits.wordpress.com/
Email – danceagainstdeficitlies@gmail.com

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Our First Ever Event!

Our first event shall be outside the Bank of England on Friday the 14th of January and shall last from 1pm until 2pm

Details are available on Facebook here

on the UKuncut website here

and at FalseEconomy here

We hope to uncover some of the myths and lies perpetuated by the coalition government over the nature of the public deficit and the national debt. It is our belief that the problematic nature of both the debt and the deficit have been exaggerated in order to provide a licence for the government to do what the Right does best – cut the size of the state and with it valued public services of some our country’s most vulnerable and needy.

This event is intended to draw attention to the deceitful nature in which the neccesity of cuts has been framed. It shall be carnavalesque in nature and should attract a sizeable crowd – the flavour of the action will be irreverent and peaceful with a plethora of artistic delights to amuse atendees.


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